Psalms for the New Year

The Importance of the Psalms

The New Year is here and that means we have some reflection to do. It is our responsibility as good Christians to evolve and become better soul ambassadors, so that our faith and the important things we believe in can make an impact on the world around us. This is the beating heart of New Year’s resolutions; they are about as Christian as they come, as potent as the Crucifix or the prayers we say in our times of need.

What is the trick to becoming a better Christian and by extension, person? It is easy: To dig deeper into our faiths, into scripture, and pluck out something that we are not familiar with, a passage you can really sink your teeth into and take a bite. According to Deborah-Ruth Ferber of the Mennonite World Review, the part of the Bible we should focus on most is the Psalms.

She writes, “Never have we experienced such memorable, diverse and poetic lines in all of Christian Scripture than we find most readily through the Psalms. These lines have inspired poets, artists, writers and hymnodists throughout the centuries to create and re-create pastoral images of comfort, hope and peace.”

Yes, for centuries the Psalms have provided the heart with its backbone. These biblical gems are a bottomless source of inspiration for people from all walks of life, including non-Christians. Simply look at the titles for some of the most beautiful pieces of art and you will realize that those titles are plucked from the Psalms. Whenever you are feeling down or out of options, flip to the Psalms and we guarantee you will feel better, that the inspiration bug will bite you all over. The problem though is that many people do not recognize the importance of the Psalms.

Ferber continues, “Yet, sadly, over the years, the Psalms have decreased in their importance to their life of the Christian church. No longer are they the pillars and cornerstones of jubilation, but they have been relegated to canned expressions of the Christian faith – no more than rote memorization.”

The Psalms are no longer the foundation of the creative Christian’s life, but they should be. Instead, they have creepily evolved into clichés. We have to learn to love the Psalms again, to rekindle the fire inside of them and then let the words burn off the skin of our hearts, to expose the beating matter behind it all. We must use the Psalms to anoint the sick and suffering the same way we use New Hope Anointing Oils, to help a lost and dying world that needs to know the loving spirit of Jesus Christ.