Importance of Daily Prayer

Daily Prayer

In each person’s daily life, there is much to do – make meals for family, take care of household chores, perform your job duties or perhaps make sure that your children make it to school or afterschool activities. One thing you should always make time for, though, is to reflect in daily prayer.

The Bible teaches us to remain faithful to God in three main expressions: Vocal prayer, meditation and contemplative prayer. The first is spoken aloud, praises and recitations that honor God while associating the physical body with interior prayer. The second, meditation, encourages the faithful to engage in thoughts about their own faith, confronting their own belief and the weight of one’s own emotions, desires and imagination with the realities of their own daily life.

Lastly, contemplative prayer is that most common to each of us. A silent and reverent expression of the mystery of prayer, a person praying contemplatively is affixing their mental gaze on Jesus and God, thinking of their own adherence to the word of the lord and thanking him for his silent and unconditional love. By sharing in this quiet and reflective prayer, each communicant shares in the mystery and light of Jesus and the lord.

Setting aside dedicated time during your day to engage in prayer and reflection is important to keeping your faith strong and centered, and allowing it to help guide your decisions and thoughts in daily life. By keeping that time each day for yourself and your faith, you help strengthen both yourself and your belief.

In the book of “The Power of Prayer” by E.M. Bounds, he says the following based on 2 Corinthians 10:5 and Philippians 3:8

Prayer produces cleanliness of heart and purity of life. It can produce nothing else. Unrighteous behavior is born in the absence of prayer. The two go hand in hand. Prayer and sinning cannot keep company with each other. One or the other must stop. Get people to pray, and they will stop sinning, because prayer crates a distaste for sinning, it lifts the entire nature to a reverent contemplation of high holy things.

Prayer believes in and seeks for the very highest religious life set before us in the word of God. When we make our own standards, there is delusion and falsity for our desires, convenience and pleasure form the rule, and is always a fleshly and raw rule.

From it, all the fundamental principles of a Christ-centered religion are left out. When we allow others to set our standard of religion, it is really deficient because valuable virtues may be lost, whilst defects are carried through.

Lord, I pray you would give me your wisdom and understanding in all things. I know wisdom is better than gold and understanding better than silver (Proverbs 16:16), so make me rich in wisdom and wealthy in understanding.

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